Saturday, August 2, 2008

energy ring and Treasure Hunter

In the seach of some fun, I found out something very diferent an kind of cool, It is a group that makes energy rings in SL to heal in RL, this is the search result, the pick was toke on place so you can see the LM and search for it:

As there were not people in the place, to make energy ring, I search againg, finding a sim whit a treasure hunter game, that makes you expore all the sim, what is a good idea for a sim owner to bring some fun to visitors, whitout using too many prims.

It as a treasure map, in Hub, and 5 treasures, that I found them all. In the exploring if the island I sow a gothic maze, really easy maze, a big castle a lake of swan, a fary tales garden, and lot of more stuff. In this picture I am sitting there trying to figure out where the treasure can be, lol, it was hiding behind me!

In this pick I am on the top of one of the castle's tower shoing all the treasures I win: a tatto, some laydies shoes, a rose, the t-shirt iam wearing, and in the box is an outfit. The dragon at the back catch my atention so i went to explore it.

I found that the dragon had kidnap the jung daugther of the king in that tower, don't worry my lady I will rescute you... tomorrow. Lol. For real, I should try the laydies shoes on her, maybe something magical happend.

I had a fun time, won some stuff and learned about the energy rings, that I will find more about that thing, it sounds interesting and is something unique.
WOW! The adventures are just starting this wekend.